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Broadstairs and St Peter's Concert Band

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 Concert December 3rd 2017
  Pavilion, Broadstairs

Royal Marines
G.R. Gill
Selection From H.M.S Pinafore
Sullivan (Arr. F.Godfrey &  W.J. Duthoit)
Melody On The Move
Clive Richardson (Arr. W.J. Duthoit)
The Jo;;y Juggler
Vivian Ellis
Musket, Fife and Drum
Jim Parker
The Westminster Waltz
Robert Farnon (Arr. W.J. Duthoit)
Lennon & McCartney (Arr. Arthur Wilkinson)
Old Comrades
Trumpets Wild
Harold L. Walters
Miller Magic
Arr. Ray Woodfield
A Quiet Stroll 
Charles Williams (Arr. W.J. Duthoit)
The B;ue-Tail Fly
Clare E. Grundman
Music Of The Beatles
Arr. Michael Sweeney
Amazing Grace
Arr. G.R. Gill
Old Panama
Kenneth J. Alford